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Preparing your van for Autumn and Winter

Preparing your van for Autumn and Winter

Preparing your van for Autumn and Winter

Preparing your van for Autumn and Winter: As we all know the weather here in the UK is as unpredictable as it is predictable. Our seasons are all mixed up with Summers that feel like Spring and an Autumn that often feels like Winter. Because of our weather it’s easy to get caught out by ever changing road conditions and the constant temperature shifts.

The most likely time of year is usually around Autumn when were faced with ice cold mornings that require the windscreen scraper or my usual the bank card when there’s no de-icer. The mornings are generally followed by sunshine beating down as if the morning frost didn’t exist. So with this in mind, we have put together the Autumn Van Survival Kit to make sure you don’t get caught out with the weather. Preparing your van for Autumn and Winter

Did you know? Almost one third of all incidents in the UK take place during the Autumn months of September, October and November. Which makes it the most dangerous season to be on the road – According to the Department for Transport.

The Essentials

As Autumn comes around and hits us with the massive temperature drops. It’s essential that you’re prepared and have the correct tools to deal with frost, ice and the one people usually forget about the dreaded glare.

  • Ice scraper

Having a decent and proper ice scraper will save you a couple of minutes on a cold Autumn morning and it will save you from either snapping your bank cards, or worse – cracking your windscreen because you’ve thrown the kettle on it.

These days you can buy an ice scraper pretty cheap. In most cases you can buy them for as little as a quid! I’ve even seen them with a waterproof mitten attached to keep your hands warm and dry while you’re scraping away and the windscreen.

  • De-icer

When you spray a de-icer at the screen and get going with a scraper you’re onto a winner. De-icers are cheap too, most places usually have great offers on de-icers when they realise it’s time to get it out of storage.

  • Demister pad or cloth

One thing you can definitely use is a demister pad or cloth, they’re a useful bit of kit in Autumn. Particularly when the sun’s low and you’ve had to give your screen a wipe. It helps to clear your windscreen as well as increase your visibility.

  • Sunglasses

The first four essentials as you prepare for Autumn and Winter are all to do with keeping your windscreen clear whilst also improving your vision of the road ahead. Something that’s vital when the sun is sitting lower in our skies.

Having a decent pair of sunglasses will help your visibility when you’re driving in Autumn, for obvious reasons. Keep a pair in the car because they will help you beat the glare caused by the Autumn sun.

Be seen

It’s also just as important to make sure your visible to other road users too. Make sure that you always check your bulbs are in fully working order all year round. But when Autumn and Winter are on their way, it’s even more vital to check them. Preparing your van for Autumn and Winter

Always make sure that your headlights and brake lights are working properly. As well as all your indicator and number plate lights.

Give it a little Anti-Freeze

Making sure your engine is sufficiently filled with Anti-Freeze is an important role all year round. It prevents corrosion and also helps to keep things cool when it actually does get hot in the UK.

When the cold appears – seemingly out of nowhere, the role of Anti-Freeze changes slightly – it prevents the main components of your engine from freezing up. Preparing your van for Autumn and Winter

If your not sure how to check the levels yourself you can get a mechanic to check this for you. Anti-Freeze top-ups and level checks are usually included in a standard service. This should keep you topped up throughout the year.

Your tyres and pesky leaves in the road

The only points of contact between you and the road is your tyres, so it’s very important to keep an eye on the wear not only for your safety but for other road users too. Autumn is a messy time of year in the UK with trees dropping their leaves all over the road. We usually have lots more rain and the hight possibility of icy conditions. Your tyres will need to work harder to prevent you from slipping around when you encounter these conditions.

Tyre tread depth carries a legal minimum requirement which is 1.6 millimetres in a continuous band around the middle three quarters of the tyre. However, it has been advised by road safety experts to change your tyres when the depth hits 3 millimetres because the stopping distance is shortened with that extra 1.4mm tread.

Check Tyre Depth

Tyre tread depth should be cared for all year round and you should preferably change the tyres at 3mm. However, when were faced with wet leaves and ice on the road, traction is reduced. So it’s even more important to make sure that your tyres are in top condition. Preparing your van for Autumn and Winter

We advise people to be vigilant when it comes to wet leaves and ice on the roads. Spotting these kinds of hazards as early as possible you are able to adapt your driving to the conditions which is vital to drive safely.

If there is no way to avoid wet leaves or ice, you should be reducing your speed as you are passing the hazard. This gives you more time to react for the impact of hitting them. You should also avoid accelerating too much or braking on well leaves or ice if possible. Using a lower gear to slow down will be much safer than slamming down the brakes.

One issue with leaves covering a road is that it’s almost impossible to know what’s actually beneath them. They might be covering a dreaded pothole or even other road debris. Both of these could possibly have the potential to damage your car or even cause an accident.

Should you consider anything else?

So, the main issue with driving in colder months especially Autumn and Winter is the changeable and often drastic weather as well as the road conditions that it creates.

Frost and ice can give way to bright sunshine and showers of rain in a matter of hours. So be prepared for different types of weather and road conditions resulting from Autumn weathers.

This is why it is very important to prepare your van for the most changeable seasons on the calendar.

Preparing your van for Autumn and Winter

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