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Buying a used van checklist

Buying a used van checklist

Buying a used van checklist

Buying a used van checklist: Buying a used van can turn out to be an investment and this is why you shouldn’t decide lightheadedly. You will need enough time to research and also realise what your wanting and also what compromises your able to make. As well as these factors the main one is your budget. You might want to decide if your looking for offers from private sellers or a reselling company. There’s actually so much to be done and considered before you begin looking for your ideal van. You will also need to be vigilant and aware that there also some shady sellers and also selling companies. These people and companies only want to take your hard earned cash and more often than not won’t entertain you when the deal is done.

Available Van know the industry very well and it’s owners have over 45 years experience when it comes to buying and selling cars. Not only that Available Van monitor the activity on our website daily. This makes us quite a professional company in the field which is why we want to share some useful and helpful tips. We will also share recommendations on the best way to making a fair and fantastic deal when buying a second hand van. Buying a used van checklist

Do your market research – Look at what’s available.

Buying a used van checklist

Your going to need enough time to do your research and also investigate the current market. This industry changes on a daily basis. You should always do this whenever your planning to invest your cash into a used vehicle. Just having a quick look around will give you a rough idea of the available van’s on the market. You will also be able to see leading companies that are reliable to put your trust into too. Where’s the online place where reliable private sellers are listing their vans for sale? What’s the current market prices? etc… This being said, knowing what van type and model your looking for and the compromises you’ll be able to search much more efficiently and productively. You’ll also at least have a rough idea of the budget your willing to spend on a van. You can check the options available within your budget limits.

Make a list of questions – Be prepared to ask.

Buying a used van checklist

When your in the market for a new van it’s really easy to get carried away and forget to ask the necessary and important questions. Hence that specialists recommend you prepare a list of all the questions you need to be asking. You could even add extra safety by asking the seller to write down the answers and sign & date the form.

Paperwork – What you need to see.

Buying a used van checklist

Okay, your now wondering what a full set of paperwork a seller should have? The one you’ll need to check first is the van’s registration or V5 as it’s known here in the United Kingdom. This will then allow you to be sure the ownership and accuracy of the vehicle’s age and current mileage. The van should also have an MOT. You should keep in mind that MOT certificates are not safe evidence that the vehicle is sound. There are many scammers out there that would illegitimately MOT a vehicle that in fact isn’t road worthy. Make sure that you take a look at the full service history too, You’ll need to know that the vehicle has been looked after. It would also be good practice to check the vehicle’s status because this will show you if the van’s been stolen, written off and or has any outstanding finance.

Inspect the interior – Loose panels, broken seats etc…

Buying a used van checklist

The interior is just as important as the exterior. This is just as important in ensuring that the van is safe and sound. The best time to view a van is on a day when you can see it clearly. Make sure there’s no rain, no overcast skies and strictly no late viewings.

Start with the underside, if you find any signs of rust or welding then its probably going to end up being the cause of a serious problem. Then it’s possibly going to need intensive repair work. Thoroughly study the bodywork and also the fittings on the van. The colour of the body should be even and uniform, without any different coloured panels. If you see signs of uneven paint, bumps and lumps or even chips can all signify a misused motor. However, expect cosmetic damage for the age of vehicle your viewing. Your going to also need to check for leaks too. These usually end up being costly so make sure that all the rubber seals are intact.

Inspect the engine – It’s the main part.

Buying a used van checklist

If your not confident enough you could always ask a technician to go along with you to the viewing. Just don’t forget to ask the seller if this is okay first. You should start by checking the oil levels. Oil leaks can signify ageing of the van and may be in need of repairs. You should also check the coolant level too. If the engine has been neglected for a long time you might find that its damaged and could end up breaking down much faster in the heat.

Listen out for anything unusual when the engine is running. One good practice is to check any visible belts on the engine for wear and tear. If they’re warn you might be able to get these either replaced or money off the sale for the cost in replacing them. Oil on the belts is a massive indication there’s either a leak or has been a leak. So ask the question. These belt will need replacing to avoid them from breaking down and snapping which could cause a much bigger problem with the engine.

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